C5  2.4
The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI is a comprehensive collection library supporting lists, sets, bags, dictionaries, priority queues, (FIFO) queues, and (LIFO) stacks. C5 runs on .NET 3.5+, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 8, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Mono.
Hashers.cs File Reference


class  C5.ComparerZeroHashCodeEqualityComparer< T >
 An equalityComparer compatible with a given comparer. All hash codes are 0, meaning that anything based on hash codes will be quite inefficient.
class  C5.SequencedCollectionEqualityComparer< T, W >
 Prototype for a sequenced equalityComparer for something (T) that implements ISequenced[W]. This will use ISequenced[W] specific implementations of the equality comparer operations. More...
class  C5.UnsequencedCollectionEqualityComparer< T, W >
 Prototype for an unsequenced equalityComparer for something (T) that implements ICollection[W] This will use ICollection[W] specific implementations of the equalityComparer operations More...


namespace  C5


using SCG = System.Collections.Generic

Typedef Documentation

using SCG = System.Collections.Generic