C5  2.4
The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI is a comprehensive collection library supporting lists, sets, bags, dictionaries, priority queues, (FIFO) queues, and (LIFO) stacks. C5 runs on .NET 3.5+, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 8, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Mono.
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IDictionary (C5)   KeyValuePairComparer (C5)   SequencedCollectionEqualityComparer (C5)   
IDirectedCollectionValue (C5)   KeyValuePairEqualityComparer (C5)   SortedArray (C5)   
ArrayBase (C5)   GuardedCollection (C5)   IDirectedEnumerable (C5)   
SortedArrayDictionary (C5)   
ArrayList (C5)   GuardedCollectionValue (C5)   IExtensible (C5)   SortedDictionaryBase (C5)   
GuardedDictionary (C5)   IIndexed (C5)   LinkedList (C5)   Sorting (C5)   
GuardedDirectedCollectionValue (C5)   IIndexedSorted (C5)   
C5Random (C5)   GuardedDirectedEnumerable (C5)   IList (C5)   
CircularQueue (C5)   GuardedEnumerable (C5)   IncompatibleViewException (C5)   MappedCollectionValue (C5)   TreeBag (C5)   
ClearedEventArgs (C5)   GuardedEnumerator (C5)   InternalException (C5)   MappedDirectedCollectionValue (C5)   TreeDictionary (C5)   
ClearedRangeEventArgs (C5)   GuardedIndexedSorted (C5)   IntervalHeap (C5)   MappedDirectedEnumerable (C5)   TreeSet (C5)   
CollectionBase (C5)   GuardedList (C5)   InvalidPriorityQueueHandleException (C5)   MultiplicityOne (C5)   
CollectionModifiedException (C5)   GuardedQueue (C5)   IPersistentSorted (C5)   
CollectionValueBase (C5)   GuardedSequenced (C5)   IPriorityQueue (C5)   UnlistenableEventException (C5)   
ComparerFactory (C5)   GuardedSorted (C5)   IPriorityQueueHandle (C5)   NoSuchItemException (C5)   UnsequencedCollectionEqualityComparer (C5)   
GuardedSortedDictionary (C5)   IQueue (C5)   NotAViewException (C5)   
IReadOnlyCollection (System.Collections.Generic)   NotComparableException (C5)   
DictionaryBase (C5)   IReadOnlyList (System.Collections.Generic)   
ViewDisposedException (C5)   
DirectedCollectionBase (C5)   HashBag (C5)   ISequenced (C5)   
DirectedCollectionValueBase (C5)   HashDictionary (C5)   IShowable (C5)   CollectionValueBase.RaiseForRemoveAllHandler (C5)   
DropMultiplicity (C5)   HashedArrayList (C5)   ISorted (C5)   ArrayBase.Range (C5)   WeakViewList (C5)   
DuplicateNotAllowedException (C5)   HashedLinkedList (C5)   ISortedDictionary (C5)   ReadOnlyCollectionException (C5)   WrappedArray (C5)   
HashSet (C5)   IStack (C5)   Rec (C5)   
ItemAtEventArgs (C5)   Rec (C5)   
EnumerableBase (C5)   ItemCountEventArgs (C5)   Rec (C5)   
ICollection (C5)   
RecConst (C5)   
ICollectionValue (C5)   
FixedSizeCollectionException (C5)   KeyValuePair (C5)   
SequencedBase (C5)   
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