C5  2.4
The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI is a comprehensive collection library supporting lists, sets, bags, dictionaries, priority queues, (FIFO) queues, and (LIFO) stacks. C5 runs on .NET 3.5+, Silverlight 5, Windows Phone 8, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Mono.
C5.IShowable Interface Reference

(Describe usage of "L:300" format string.) More...

Inheritance diagram for C5.IShowable:
C5.CollectionValueBase< T > C5.ICollectionValue< T > C5.KeyValuePair< K, V > C5.Rec< T1, T2, T3, T4 > C5.Rec< T1, T2, T3, T4 > C5.Rec< T1, T2, T3, T4 > C5.CollectionBase< T > C5.DirectedCollectionValueBase< T > C5.IntervalHeap< T > C5.CollectionValueBase< T > C5.GuardedCollectionValue< T > C5.IDirectedCollectionValue< T > C5.IExtensible< T > C5.DirectedCollectionBase< T > C5.HashBag< T > C5.HashSet< T > C5.ArrayBase< T >.Range C5.CollectionBase< T > C5.DirectedCollectionValueBase< T > C5.IntervalHeap< T > C5.GuardedCollection< T > C5.GuardedDirectedCollectionValue< T > C5.ArrayBase< T >.Range C5.DirectedCollectionBase< T > C5.DirectedCollectionValueBase< T > C5.GuardedDirectedCollectionValue< T > C5.IQueue< T > C5.ISequenced< T > C5.IStack< T > C5.SequencedBase< T > C5.ICollection< T > C5.IPriorityQueue< T >

Public Member Functions

bool Show (StringBuilder stringbuilder, ref int rest, IFormatProvider formatProvider)
 Format More...

Detailed Description

(Describe usage of "L:300" format string.)

Member Function Documentation

bool C5.IShowable.Show ( StringBuilder  stringbuilder,
ref int  rest,
IFormatProvider  formatProvider 


this using at most approximately rest chars and append the result, possibly truncated, to stringbuilder. Subtract the actual number of used chars from rest.

True if the appended formatted string was complete (not truncated).

Implemented in C5.WrappedArray< T >.

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